Wild-Caught Silver Arowana

Wild-Caught Silver Arowana

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Silver Arowana (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum) - Wild-Caught!

Wild-Caught Silver Arowanas have much better genetics compared to farm-raised ones and have noticeably thicker and longer barbels/whiskers.  

This is by far the most popular Arowana species in the fish keeping hobby.  The Silver Arowana (some spell it as Arahuana) is indigenous to South America, found in the Amazon River Basin.  These natural carnivores are known to eat practically any creature it can fit into its mouth, including baby monkeys.  In the wild, they are known to grow up to nearly 4 feet long.  A tightly secured cover is required as the Silver Arowana is known to jump.

All our silver arowanas are very healthy and just full of energy!

Size is about 6-7 inches roughly.  Currently feeding on live bloodworms and pellets.

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