this is how red it will get after a few weeks with CO2 injection, good lighting and liquid fertilizer dosing

Super Red Ludwigia

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Ludwigia Natans Super Red - "Super Red" Ludwigia

Ludwigia Super Red, commonly known as SP Red Ludwigia, works great as a midground or background plant.  It grows fast, easy to propagate by trimming.  By frequently trimming new growth and using high light with CO2, the plant will thrive and retain a vibrant red color.  The stem can become green when there isn't sufficient lighting or iron but a liquid fertilizer is recommended to see SP Red in its most optimal beauty!  

Propagate by trimming from the main stems and replanting into substrate. 

Note, the Ludwigia SP Red you will receive won't be as red as what you see in our tank pic as that is over a course of a few weeks with CO2 injection and iron dosing.  
It will resemble what you see 

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