L240 Galaxy Pleco / Vampire Pleco

L240 Galaxy Pleco / Vampire Pleco

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These Vampire Plecos are some of the most gorgeous plecos you can find in the tropical fish hobby!! Size is about 2 inches roughly. 
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    My Galaxy Pleco arrived healthy and active. With Fed Ex overnight, he was delivered and in my tank in 16 hours. He's happy and exploring his new habitat.

    Posted by Bill in Tennessee on 31st Jul 2020

    Even with shipping costs, he was cheaper than buying local.

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    Beautiful pleco, nice addition for my tank!

    Posted by Carrera1 on 27th Mar 2013

    I purchased a pair of these beautiful plecos and they made a nice addition to my freshwater amazon tank. They are good hearty plecos, eating well and really stand out with their spotted colors. I would recommend to anyone that is looking for an exotic pleco.

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