Jardini Arowana - Scleropages jardini

Jardini Arowana - Scleropages jardini

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Jardini Arowana (Scleropages jardini)

Very gorgeous and healthy Jardini Arowana! Size is around 3 - 4 inches.
Highly sought after by arowana enthusiasts! 


Also known as the Australian Arowana, the Pearl Arowana or the Gulf Saratoga or Northern Saratoga.  


Currently being fed live bloodworms and feeders.

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    BEST service ever

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Feb 2016

    I ordered an Arowana on late night Thursday and they shipped it overnight and arrived healthy on Friday. After 5 hours of recovery( it ate 5 of my neon tetra), it eats like a pig. So happy with their product.

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    very good fish. heathy nice colors

    Posted by Ben on 8th Feb 2016


  • 5
    Extremely happy

    Posted by Brian on 18th Aug 2015

    Jardini got here exactly when they said it would. It was very healthy. I put it in the 220 with 3 Silver Arowana and two Peacock Bass. So far everyone getting along great. He started eating feeders and frozen Blood worms within 3 hours of hitting the tank. Gave him time to get used to tank and mates. Silvers are about 3 inches bigger than him. I live in St Louis and was scared of shipping. Not anymore thanks.

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    Exceptional Fish

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Jul 2015

    Shipping was fast. Fish arrived fat and healthy and started eating within 24 hours. Will buy from again. Thanks so much for such great service.

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    the Jardini is a stunner

    Posted by Michael on 24th Apr 2014

    I got my jardini not too long ago off of petzone. I went to there store personally and received excellence service. the jardini is very nice and can eat like a whale haha. I must have all the lights off before he will eat though because he is still small and scared. All I can say is that if you buy an arowana or any fish from petzone you will not be dissappointed. They provide nothing but the best at great prices and offer great advice and help. I can also say when ever I am looking for a jardini or any fish I will be sure to check here first. Thanks petzone for the awesome fish

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