Help for Monster Kok and Good Shape - 100g

Help for Monster Kok and Good Shape - 100g

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Help! for Monster Kok and Good Shape 100 gram

Give your Flowerhorn Cichlid the beauty it deserves!  This will help grow out it's kok along with giving it more vivid colors and awesome pearls that Flowerhorns are known for.

Food specially formulated for the development of the nodule and the shape of premium grade contest fish. The fatty acids is essential in the development of the nodule. With high protein content it helps build muscles adequately.  

How to use:
Fish smaller than 8 inches or less than one year: eat 2 times everyday.
Fish larger than 8 inches or more than 1 year: eat 1 time everyday.
Note: The speed of hump is associated with fish genetic.

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