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Update On Our 114g Aquascape Planted Tank Build


For those of you who have been following our 114g UNS 120U rimless tank aquascape build here at our Pet Zone Tropical Fish storefront in Convoy District/Kearny Mesa neighborhood of San Diego, here’s a quick little update on the progress of the tank. Some of the plants did extremely well while others did just okay and some did not grow much.

Here’s a recap of everything used:

Tank: UNS Ultum Nature Systems 120U 114 Gallon

Substrate: ADA Aqua Design Amano Amazonia Light (8 bags of the 9L size) + half dozen bags of ADA Power Sand sprinkled with ADA substrate additives

Lighting: Twinstar 900SP Planted LED Light pendent style hanging from UNS Light Hanging Bar

Hardscape: 150-200 lbs. of Seiryu Stone + Spiderwood

Plants: Ludwigia SP Red, Ammania, Tripartita, Pearl Weed, Monte Carlo, Stag Repens, Lobelia Cardinalis, Red Tiger Lotus, Mermaid Weed, Alternanthera Reinickii, Anubias Nana, just to name a few (I’m sure I missed a few)

Filter: Fluval FX6 w/ VIV glass lily pipe inflow & outflow + Hydor Wave Maker for additional circulation

CO2: 20 lb tank w/ Archaea Dual Gauge Regulator + Mr Aqua reactor/bubble counter + VIV CO2 diffuser

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