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Planted Tank Essentials: Benefits of Carbon For Aquatic Plants

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Carbon is the key element to beautiful and healthy plants. The best way to supply your plants with carbon is through carbon dioxide (CO2). But not everyone wants to break the bank on expensive pressurized CO2 systems. Fortunately, UNS has released an amazing product to provide planted tanks with CO2 for a fraction of the price. The UNS Nature Bottle CO2 is finally back in stock after being backordered for half a year.

Best Value

Affordable and easy to use. The UNS Nature Bottle costs $19.99 and takes six simple steps to set up.

What's included:

  1. Nature bottle
  2. Bio powder
  3. CO2 diffuser
  4. 6.5" airline tubing
  5. O-ring
  6. 2 suction cups

Set up:

  1. Add 300 ml of warm water (not hot water).
  2. Shake for one minute until all solids have dissolved and you're left with liquid only.
  3. Wait for 24 hours until the liquid solidifies into gel like consistency.
  4. Activate the CO2 with bio powder and lukewarm water and installing the reaction cap.
  5. CO2 is ready! Output will be determined by room temperature and will continue to work for 2-3 months.
  6. Repeat steps 4-6 whenever CO2 output slows down or stops completely.

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