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New Arowana Stock - April 2017

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Arowana lovers, we have a new batch of both rare and popular Arowanas!

The True Albino Silver Arowana is back in stock, along with a large batch of Silver Arowanas (baby fry, medium sized juveniles and larger juveniles).  We also have a handful of Black Arowana (Blue Arowana) in stock.  

The sought after Jardini Arowana is back in stock as well!  

You'll need to get your hands on these beauties quick as they some of guaranteed to go quick. 

Be the envy of your monster fish keeping friends today.  

Order today at petzonesd.com/arowanas or find them in-store any both of our San Diego stores.  

Albino Silver Arowana!

Jardini Arowana - Pearl Australian Arowana

Black Arowana, also known as the Blue Arowana

Baby Silver Arowana Fry

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