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Live Aquascaping Contest At Pet Zone Tropical Fish - Convoy/Kearny Mesa

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Pet Zone Tropical Fish will be hosting a live aquascape competition during the Saturday on the weekend of our two-year anniversary. 

Contestants will compete with an UNS low-iron rimless 3 gallon nano tank. Aquascaping materials will be provided and includes Controsoil substrate from Marfied x UNS, choice of Seiryu Stone or Dragon Stone, Spiderwood + 3 plants, which is valued at $130 and will be taken home by all contestants.

There is a limit of one hour and starts at 3pm and all aquascaping activities must be finished by 4pm. Judging will take place right after.

There is a $59.99 fee to join and all aquascaping contestants will have their chance to win one of the following prizes:
- First Prize: $100 Pet Zone Giftcard
- Second Prize: $50 Pet Zone Giftcard
- Third Prize: $25 Pet Zone Giftcard

There is a minimum of 6 contestants and maximum of 15 contestants during this competition. Contact us directly via FB messenger or email (info@petzonesd.com) to join before all slots are taken up! Entrant fee can be paid for here: www.petzonesd.com/live-aquascape-contest-entry-fee

**Note that NO REFUNDS will be given if you cancel as these are slots taken up that someone else could use**

Judging will be based on overall composition of the tank, placement of plants and hardscape, use of space, etc. There will be three judges and each contestant will be scored based on all these aspects.

All participants also get to keep the tank and all aquascaping material/supplies used for their tank after contest.

We will see all of you soon.

Happy Aquascaping!

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