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Congrats To All The Raffle Prize Winners At Our Aquascape Demonstration Workshop!

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We'd like to give a big thanks to all of you who attended our aquascape demonstration workshop.  Bryan did an amazing job and was very happy to show all of you how to get started with the planted tank hobby!  We hope all of you left with plenty of knowledge on how to get a low-tech simple planted aquarium setup.  One of these days, perhaps we can learn some aquascape tips from some of you.

We'd also like to congratulate those of you who won the raffle prizes!  Thanks for supporting us and getting Pet Zone Tropical Fish to where it is at today, we are very thankful.  Our Convoy District/Kearny Mesa store has grown quite a bit since we opened up our doors back in 2016. 

Here are the winners from our raffle contest during our aquascape workshop on Saturday, May 12th.

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