Aqua Worx Onyx 10" RGB LED Light

Aqua Worx Onyx 10" RGB LED Light

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Aqua Worx Onyx 10" RGB LED Light

Onyx by Aqua Worx is a great aquarium LED light for planted tanks. This aquarium LED is constructed from premium material for durability and longevity. Equipped for endurance, the Onyx also has beautiful features such as a sleek matte black gooseneck that attaches securely with added flexibility ease during maintenance. This model features full-spectrum RGB LEDs offering the ideal wavelength for encouraging healthy aquatic plant growth. Onyx by Aqua Worxs will easily illuminate a freshwater aquarium and its aquatic inhabitants creating a calming feature in the home, office or space. 

Light Length: 10"

Recommended Tank Size: 25C | 30C | 40C | 3N | 5N 

Features: RGB | Black gooseneck clip 

Output: 5 Watts 


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